Data separation and found set scrolling

Discussion created by BTimm on Nov 14, 2012
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I'm experimenting with conversion to data separation model: using single or global table and the displaying selected data via portals.


One of my early questions here is how to handle or present found or selected sets of records once you go past the list of returns and into full detail records.




single-record User table access list of People from related People data table.


Dynamic portal filters used to create subsets on portal view.


User selects filters that give him set of 30 records. I can allow click-through to single-record view on the User table. However, user wants to be able to click through the set of 30 records in the detailed view, same as he would with present model where you would just design and search directly in People context. It seems like for the detailed view of a single Person, I need to build layout with context of People table so I can show the 30 records and allow this scrolling.


Am I missing something or are there navigation tricks or conventions to resolve?