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    Configuring Table View


      Is there a way to position a Table view to the right of its window frame.

      I know I can move it down by turning on the Header.

      I am a "list person" and would like to use the Table view more.

      How can I make the window that the Table view is in, resize to better fit of the Table View, make the window narrower in my case, so it looks more centered?

      Ideally I would like to to be able to place fields on the header to filter the data in the table view. I know I can do

      this with a portal, but I would like to keep the sorting and column sizing capabilities of the Table view. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          Hi laguna92651,


          The Table view is very limited in what can be done with it design and layout wise. It's really a very basic way of veiwing the data.


          For what you are trying to acheive I would recommend using Table view. You can place items wherever you require on your layout and use the Autosizing tool under the Position tab in the layout Inspector. With this you can lock items to be centered, or to the right hand side.


          Does that help?


          Best Regards



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            Hi, laguna,


            I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do, but I too like table view, and adjust things to look as I want.


            In layout mode, you can format the fields to be anything you want.  Often, I will add extra space (pts) to the left of left-justified fields and to the right of right-justified fields (appearance tab of the inspector).  This makes things more readable for me.  I think this is what you are asking about.


            You could also add an empty field as the left-most column to make a margin of sorts.


            Hope I helped.



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              Thanks for the suggestions, they are very helpful, given the options seem to be limited with Table view. The blank field idea is very helpful in combination with adding a header. Just don't like the idea that the Table view is smashed into the upper left corner of window. At minimum I would like to at least center the whole table in the middle of the window.

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                You said you would recommend using Table view, did you mean List view, could you explain a little more.


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                  I assume you added the blank margin field to the table? Is there any way to remove the field name from the column heading?

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                    You can add a header and/or footer to Table View. Layout Setups-->Views-->Properties.

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                      In FM12, you can change column headings by editing them.

                      If you're using 11 or earlier, make the field name a period or underscore, so it isn't obvious.