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    Replacing Pop up dialog boxes - IWP


      I need to fix a couple of databases so that they can be used in IWP.

      The databases contain two scripts that will not work in IWP.

      Show Custom Dialog: Can you create a Field that a script will populate with the message and a set buttons that will answer to questions (Yes/No, Close), so when you click on the button the script will proceed. It would be nice if the field/button would be invisable until the script/question is asked, it would become visable. It would become invisable after the question is answered. Is there scripts/solutions/workaround to do this?


      Freeze Window: I understand the the freeze window makes the actions invisible to the user. Can I just remove the the freeze windows line or is there something else I need to do? I can live with the actions are vivable.



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          I usually use a layout to create the custom dialog when I can't use a custom dialog like the simple dialog by 24U. I create merge variables on the layout and fill them with info. The only thing i can't center it in a new window neither on the iPad and most likely nit in IWP either. I also stay away from IWP like the plague now.


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            On occasion, I've used tab panels (named, so they can be scripted to display). For your "dialog", just go to the second tab. Upon clicking "continue" or something, finish your script and return to the first tab. You can hide the tabs from being "clicked" by overlaying another tab panel (one tab - just the height of the tab only) and make it as wide as the other two. This works in IWP.



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              With regard to the Freeze Window question: You can omit non-compatible script steps (like Freeze Window) by enclosing them in an If statement using the Get ( ApplicationVersion ) function, like this:


              If [ not PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Web" ) ]

                   Freeze Window

              End If