Help bogged down on silly relationship

Discussion created by ziceg on Nov 15, 2012
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I'm getting myself bogged down on a silly relationship... I'm stuck and need someone to help me see what I'm doing wrong. Please....


I've got this database where I have Kits which are made up of various Trays. I can select in a Portal the trays I need and also go to the correct Tray Form to see more info.


My problem is that when I'm in the Tray Form I'm supposed to able to see a list of which Kits use that particular Tray and go back to that Kit by clicking on portal row. I'm trying combination after combination of relationships but can't make the list of Kits appear in the Tray portal.


I'm attaching the file as I bet it's dead easy and it'll be one of those Doh moments but I'm stuck.