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An interesting problem regarding time?

Question asked by wjpatterson937 on Nov 15, 2012

I am managing existing FilemMaker databases hosted in the "cloud" on a virtual server running Windows 2008 R2. The Server version


When I took over the management I noted the time of the server had been set up incorrectly. I set the Timezone to reflect our geographical location, Since thhen the entire "Virtual" server has been restarted a few times. While the time on the Windows "Virtual" server has remained correct and the time in the Filemaker Admin Console relects the same time as the server. The schedules I create for back-up reflect two different times depending on the portion of the Admin console in which I am working. I will attach a coupe of screen shots for clarity.


When working on the schedule named "Friday" I set the start-up time for 6:00 PM


When I have completed the schedule I look at the Schedules list and I find the time in the schedule is 9:00 PM.


The time the schedule actually runs seems to be the time in the schedule interface.


Has anyone seen this behavior?


I know there are newer verions of Server 12, do any of these updates address the issue?


The issue is apparently the JAVA cache on the server running Filemaer Server.

Clearing the cache has apparently fixed the problem.


I found several references in the discussion, of course, after I had posted my question.


See the link below for an earlier answer: