Opening Port 80 for CWP

Discussion created by jmrusch on Nov 15, 2012
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I have a client who runs several FM databases on FM Server 11, Windows. They have asked for one of their databases to begin collecting certain data from the web using CWP. I sent them a list of what needed to happen to set up their FM Server to serve web pages, but their IT person is refusing to open port 80 because he says it will open up the FM Server to attacks from the web.


I don't feel qualified to either defend the opening of Port 80, nor to explain to him why it isn't a problem. So my questions:


* Is opening Port 80 a big security risk?


* If so, what can we do instead?


* If it isn't a big risk, why not, and how can I explain it to the IT guy so that he will feel better?


Any guidance would be appreciated.