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Finding container fields with missing referenced data

Question asked by StanMillar on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by smith7180

Hi all




I have a container field, Document_r, that is set to store data (usually pdfs) as a reference.


For various reasons, some of the referenced data have been deleted and, of course, FileMaker cannot find the referenced file. The container field then displays the text "The file cannot be found:" followed by the path to where the pdf should be.


What I am trying to do is isolate these records so that I can delete them before converting the containers to the new secure storage in FM12.


To isolate the records, I want to set a number field to 1 and then find the fields with 1 in them.


I have tried:


PatternCount ( GetAsText ( DocumentStore::Document_r ); "found"

not IsValid ( DocumentStore::Document_r )

IsEmpty ( DocumentStore::Document_r )

Get (Last Error ) ≠ 0


none of which was successful.


GetAsText ( DocumentStore::Document_r ) simply shows:




It appears that the text "The file cannot be found:" does not exist in the field and is used only as a display object.


Any suggestions?


Thanks, as always.