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    Server 12 on Windows 8


      Hi All,


      Has anyone successfully installed FMSA-12 (free developer edition) on Windows Pro 8? I don't see Windows 8 listed in the tech specs, but since it is new maybe the specs haven't been updated yet. When I try to install it, I get a Compatibility warning message. I choose to ignore and it appears to install but I have no way of loading the Admin Console. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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          Hi again,


          Well since it's been 3 days and no replys, I give up.  I did find out (from another forum) that FMS is not supported on Windows 8.  Although I did get it running and it is sharing files just fine, except I have to access the Admin Console remotely from a client PC, which appears to be a Java issue (again). I digress - I wish FMI would build their own driver for the Admin Console and stop relying on 3rd party products to get their software to run.  Also (as long as I am ranting) it seems that the writing may be on the wall with not supporting FMS on WIndows 8 and the latest fiasco with FMP-12, CSS and Windows XP printing quality, that FMI is dropping support for Windows. At least as a Windows user, that is what it feels like.


          Regards, Mark

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            FMI hasn't certified Windows 8... nothing more, nothing less.  They're working on it.  The vast majority of FM users are on Windows, so they're not abandoning the platform.  I don't think anyone responded because nobody knows the answer... we're all waiting to hear from FMI.


            As far as Admin Console, it's cross-platform right now... why develop two versions when this one (typically) works fine.


            Until FMI gives the green light, it's install at your own risk.

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              I have been told that MS has removed hard links in Windows 8. These are used in the FM Server back up process.



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                Hi Matt,


                Well I guess I'm on the bleading edge.  As of Monday, I had FMServer12 running perfectly on my Windows 8 laptop.  It was doing the scheduled backups properly and doing a fine job of hosting my project database.  Today it won't start - gives the message that the Admin Console can't start.  Again I think it is a Java issue.  So I guess I will have to wait until FMI comes out with a server version that works on Windows 8.  Thanks for the info anyway.



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                  Here's what our engineers had to say about this...


                  Microsoft has a new optional volume format that can only be created in Windows Server 2012, called Resilient File System (ReFS). A detailed technical article about ReFS is here:



                  Summarizing the most relevant parts of that article:


                  1. NTFS volumes remain fully supported by Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
                  2. The ReFS volume format can't be used for the system volume.
                  3. Once created in Windows Server 2012, a ReFS volume can be used by Windows 8.
                  4. ReFS volumes DON'T support hard links.


                  What this means for FileMaker Server:


                  FileMaker Server 12 currently depends on hard links for the new Progressive Backup feature, and to reduce the size of scheduled backups. Because FileMaker Server 12 currently checks for hard link support when a backup path is being specified, a ReFS volume will not be accepted as a destination for FileMaker Server 12 backups.




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