How to create a launch page for a suite of related databases?

Discussion created by spidra on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by Malcolm

Hi, I've written a few simple FM databases in the past and would like to learn to develop more complex ones. I have something ambitious in mind and want to identify the concepts/technologies I need to learn to achieve it.


At a former workplace of mine, they hired an obviously skilled FM developer collective to write a tailored solution. It had a database with (presumably) one record that contained buttons that linked to several related databases hosted on a network server. (1) What do you call it when you create a launch page like that in FM Pro? (2) What are the concepts/tech behind that? and (3) Is it only possible to create that for a networked solution rather than something available on one customer's local computer?


I'm most appreciative of any leads more experienced folks can provide. Thank you in advance!