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Automate Invoice Payments

Question asked by laguna92651 on Nov 17, 2012

Automate payments

I have a layout where I select a customer, on a portal is a list of all the customer's invoices.


Currently I select the invoice to apply the payment to, there is an Select button on each invoice.

I enter a payment amount in a payment field on a second payment portal that is on the fomr, which lists all of the payments made

against the given invoice and lastly I press a Confirm payment button.


I would like to enter the payment amount into a temporary field on the form,

1. Click my mouse on the invoice I want to apply the payment to.

2. Automatically apply the payment, by computing the new balance of the invoice.

3. Automatically place the amount of the payment applied to that invoice in the table of all payments made against that invoice.

4. If the payment amount is greater than the invoice due amount I would like to only apply the amount due amount to the invoice and show

the remaining balance of the payment available, which I can then apply against another invoice.


I think I need another table to capture payment remaining, if all of the invoces get paid and there are funds left over, any thoughts on that?