Most efficient way of Pull Filemaker data from PHP API

Discussion created by rob.speakman on Nov 18, 2012
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Hi Guys,


I working on a system and before I start the PHP integration I thought I would pick the brain of some of the best and brightest.


In the past if I was going to pull data into a single PHP web page, I would set up one layout in filemaker will all the field I need in the current table and also all the related data that also need to be pulled onto the PHP page. I'm now wondering if this isn't the best approach as far as I know it is not something you would do with an SQL database.


I am considering now if it would be better to have a Filemaker layout per set of data I want to display on one PHP page and load the related data by submitting a request to each layout one at a time therefore pulling the data in stages. Do you think this method would be quicker than my previous method.


N.B.The goal is to give a faster experience to the web user.


Any thoughts or other approaches would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks



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