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    Linking to an MRI image


      Dear FMP gurus


      I am using a container field to store a reference to external files. I like the fact that one can double click them and they open in the application in which they were created. This all works well until I start storing refrences to MRI images. An MRI is similar to a movie in that it has many frames making up the complete picture. Because of this an MRI requires a viewer application. In this case we are using something called E Film. Here is what happens, the first time one clicks on the MRI reference in the container, it opens up correctly in E Film. When one clicks another MRI, E Film comes to the front but it still displays the first MRI. Can anyone perhaps think of somethong I could do differently to overcome this issue?


      The setup is as follows: FMP 12, FMS 12 and Windows XP and 7. All images are stored on a shared drive on the server.


      thank you


      Chris G

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          It sounds like you are viewing them in it's native app.  Would it be possible to view it through a different ap or webviwer?


          Any way with script trigger that you could close the first window prior to opening the second?


          Just a couple of thoughts to investigate.