FileMaker 12 | Active Directory Groups | Slow Loading

Discussion created by DwayneWright on Nov 19, 2012

Hello All,



In the process of moving our company over to FileMaker 12. Our portfolio consists of 15ish separate solutions (about 25 files total), 30ish active directory groups comprised of 100ish active users that ties into a global network of AD accounts. We use a centralized network launcher for access to the various solutions. Using FileMaker 11, no problems at all. Recently converted all the files to a FileMaker 12 testing server, converted | uploaded the files and updated the external file references between files for the new file format. I have no direct access to AD setup but need to work collaboratively with our desktop services group.



For the first round of testing, I didn't activate but a couple of the active directory groups in my launcher and files. The launcher file opened quickly, just like the existing FMP 11 experience. In the second round of FileMaker 12 compatibility testing, I activated all the active directory groups in my networked launcher file. Since activating all the active directory groups, my launcher takes almost a full minute to load. It is so bad, my testers continue to report the issues as a potential deal breaker for the upgrade. It appears to be a situation where the AD network goes through some sort of first time initialization process. After the first load of active directory groups, I have fairly nimble load responses for the rest of the users FileMaker session.



I still have about 6 weeks before our projected switch over date to FileMaker 12. Other than "don't have so many AD groups", anyone have some suggestions, feedback or input to share?


Many thanks in advance,

Dwayne Wright, PMP