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    Starter solution problem help wanted


      I have designed from scratch a database that I've been using successfully for years. When I upgraded to FMPadvanced 11 and imported the database, it didn't work. All attempts failed. At that point I decided to just use exisiting starter templates.


      I am running a business that manufactures product, each piece has a unique item number. I am using the "invoices" template with a problem that I cannot change. I've tried everything I can think of. In the "product ID" field, I want to change it from "drop down", or any of the other choices, to an entry field. When I enter the item number, I want it to auto fill the information supplied from "Products". As it is, It automaticaly assigns a serial number along with a part name that I provide. It's driving me mad, and it worked perfectly in my previous database.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi, Jeffrey: This shouldn't be too difficult to answer. However, as with many projects, I need to "negotiate a vocabulary" with you. What exactly is the unique "Item Number?" In the database, "Product ID" is the unique Product table record identifier and when that is entered in the "Product ID" field of the Invoice Line Item, it looks up the appropriate product information. There is also a Part Number field in the Product table. Is this what you mean by "Item Number" that you want to use as a unique identifier, such that you can enter that in what is now the "Product ID" field of Invoice Line Item?


          -- Erik

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            Hi Jeffrey,


            The file you posted works as expected as far as I can tell. The value list attached to the Product ID field in the line items portal on the record detail–invoices layout shows both Product ID and Product Name, but only the ID is posted into that field; that is standard behaviour (which may not have been available when you deigned your original database, depending how long ago that was). As soon as the ID is entered the nrelationship is established and other details are automatically entered from the product record.


            Guessing a bit, I would say you need to get in behind and examine the file's structure and workings, as there are probably many things new and unfamiliar to you since you built your original.

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              Firstly, thanks to you both for the responses.


              I will be modifying the templates as soon as I can get the guts working.  The "Product ID" will be changed to "Item No." and the "Product Name" will be changed to "Description", among a few other changes. What I need is for a unique Item No. to be entered into the "Item No." field and have the all associated information automatically entered.  I have attached my previous files, yes, there have been many changes since FP6!  I did not include the contact file.  In this FP6 version, everything works great.


              One of the problems that I had been having trying to sort this out was that when I would have an item entered into the FP11 template a number would automatically be assigned to that particular item.  I tried to change that as I would in FP6 to no avail. 


              Again,  thank you so much for the reponses! 

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                Hi, Jeffrey:


                In the sample inventory file you provided, the product's Item Number is, as you say, a manually-entered unique identifier, rather than an automatically-generated unique serial number. I also note that it is not a "required" field (but should be).


                I'm a proponent of the automatically-generated unique IDs (at least internally, even if you also use your own unique code for an product's Item Number).


                That being said, here's a revised version of the starter solution that does use both.


                The Line Item's Item No. field still has a pop-up list, but the user may dismiss it and type an Item Number (or you may remove the pop-up list from the field altogehther so a user always types an Item Number).


                Let me know if this is helpful.

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                  Thank you so much!  I am beyond appreciative.