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    Error installing web publishing in Server 12 Advanced


      I've got a VM running Server 2008 R2. I installed IIS 7 and the test page works. I installed FileMaker 12 Server Advanced and everything installs correctly except for the Wep Publishing Engine. At the step "Restart WPE" it says "Stopping the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = -1". The log doesn't say anything more.


      The web server is clearly working because I can access the admin start page remotely. I confirmed that anonymous access is enabled in IIS. When I try to manually start web publishing from the FM admin console, it says "The Web Publishing Agent failed to start."


      I'm at a loss as to what is causing this. It's a brand new install of of Server 2008 R2. Hardware meets min reqs. I followed the setup guide provided by FileMaker. There's nothing else installed on this server. I disabled the firewall and I've held off on installing AV until I get this issue resolved. I've attached a screenshot of the admin console in case that is of any use.


      I certainly appreciate any thoughts anyone has on my issue.


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          I experienced similar behavior with my FMSA 12 running on Windows 7 on Parallels with IIS 7.


          What works for me is to stop the mDNSResponder service and restart Windows. Then the WPE starts. But ever and again I have to repeat this action. It's pretty annoying.


          Hope this helps a little..



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            Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn't resolve the issue. At this point I'm just going to create a new VM and start from scratch. Hopefully it will work this time.




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              I've tried a few more things and here are the results.


              First, I should note that I initially installed FMS in a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 running on ESX 4.1. That's the one I had the problems on.


              Just as a test, I tried installing FMS in a VM in VMware Workstation 9. That worked just fine. Didn't run into any issues.

              I figured this must mean that the first time was a fluke. So I created an identical VM on ESX 4.1 and went through the exact same install process I used on the Workstation 9 VM. But this time the same problem that I had initially happened again. So I can only assume that there's some difference between the two VMs. I have no idea what it is.


              I decided to try uploading the VM I created in Workstation 9 (the one where FMS web server works) to my ESX server to see if that would work. It did. So while it's absolutely ridiculous to have to do it this way, I haven't found another solution.

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                I sympathise... in fact... empathise with you.


                I spent 2 days developing PHP pages then 2 weeks trying to deploy them on Windows Server 2008 R2 using iiS. The responsibility for server set up was not mine but of course I got landed with it as I was the only one who could troubleshoot it. It was the worst install nightmare I have had since I began configuring servers for FM back in '93. I could have bought a Mac and installed all the software much cheaper than the time it cost me.


                - Lyndsay