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    Just Started Noticing This On Both FMP 11 Adv and FMP 12 Adv


      I have a folder with a number of access file aliases for each of my client's developer files. Normally, I just click on one and I'm taken to a dialog asking which one of the files i want to open (remote, local, beta, that sort of thing). This works like it should when FMP is already open, and it used to work when FMP wasn't opened as well.


      Now, if FMP isn't open, I first get the Open Existing or New file dialog first. If I cancel out of that dialog, the access file's scripts have also stopped, so nothing opens up. This has only been happening (that i've noticed) for a day or so. Anyone have any ideas on how I can bypass the normal open File dialog or reset it so double-clicking on a FMP file will open it up without the FMP Open File dialog?


      Mac OS X 10.8.2

      FMP 11 ADV 11.0v4

      FMP 12 ADV 12.0v3