Filemaker 12 Container field behaviour

Discussion created by JimBrear on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

Since the release of FileMaker 12 I have been very excited about the new container features and the possibilities that raised for storing container data on the filemaker server compututer.


I have a number of clients using Filemaker 11 where we can attach source documents (as references) to client notes and allow users to inspect the documents by double clicking on the container field. To achieve consistant results we use mapped drives on each user computer, but the system can be fragile, particularly if people start tidying up and links get broken.


I have found it impossible to reproduce the double click behaviour in Filemaker 12 using the external storage features. It is easy to put the files into the container, but I cannot find a way of easily viewing these file that my users would find satisfactory.


I have had a look at the Content Management starter solution to try to get a few ideas, but it was less than useless. A pdf would launch if you went from list view to the detail screen, but that is not the behaviour I want. There seemed to be no way to launch the pdf on demand. My users may only want to view the source document 10% of the time.


I have this feeling I must be missing something very fundamental. I noticed some discussion of using the OpenURL command but could not work our how this could relate to external storage locations.


We do not want to use the export field contents command as I do not want copies of the files sitting on users computers and that is a multi step process that the users would find too hard.


Something I thought would be so useful is throwing up a road block I cannot get around.


Has anyone been able to find a way around this?