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    Adding Video to a website


      How do I allow an end user to add video, music, or documents to my site using the dynamic container? I'm guessing they won't be able to drop it in like the filemaker pro advanced application....

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          This is on page 18 of the FMA12 CWP/PHP guide:

          === copy ===

          How web users view container field objects

          When you publish a database using the Web Publishing Engine, the following limitations apply to container field objects:

          *     Web users cannot modify or add to the contents of container fields. Web users cannot use container fields to upload objects to the database.

          *     For databases that use a container field with thumbnails enabled, the Web Publishing Engine downloads the full file, not a thumbnail.

          === end ===

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            I haven't tried, but I would imagine that you could have them upload through a web form that, when processed, saves the file in a web-accessible location, then trigger a FileMaker script to perfom a server-compatible script step


            Insert from URL (Select; No dialog; tablename::containerfield; "http://domain.com/user/files/file.mov"]