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    On Screen Keyboard disappears



      I am experiencing some difficulties controlling the on-screen keyboard on the iPad. It happens when I enter a layout directly to a text field. The field gets active and when I touch it then the keyboard appers just a second and then disappear. The only way I can get it usable is by touching another field and then get to any other field. Am I missing something?



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          Hello again,


          I found a solution...


          The Issue

          • FM Go
          • Entering a layout in which the set tab order drives the user to a text field
          • The on-screen keyboard does not show-up
          • When the user touches the active field (first on tab order), the keyboard shows up for a short time and disappears, so the user can not enter the data.


          The details

          • The way of entering to the layout is from a script, which is launched by an OnObjectModify trigger attached to a text field.
          • The values of this text field must be choosen from a pop-up menu.
          • I found that if I change to a drop down list the problem is solved...but I need a pop-up menu.


          The solution

          • Adding a 'Halt Script' step at the end of the script solves the problem.
          • I do not know why it is necessary, but it works...



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            It depends on what your script attached to the OnObjectModify does.


            With triggers, timing is everything.  The OnObjectModify trigger is fired after the pop-up field is modified but still active which may mean that the focus is still on the pop-up when the new layout opens.


            Try replacing the 'Halt Script' with 'Exit Script[Result:False]' instead.

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              Thanks for giving some light to what is behind the triggers. In fact the 'Halt Script' step solved the problem. I've tried w/ 'Exit Script[Result:False] and it does not work.