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Data-cross between 2 servers?

Question asked by FCallanan on Nov 20, 2012

Has anyone ever heard of this?


I'm upgrading a client's catalog sales system, and we're in the testing phase. The live system is on their server and the Beta system is on mine. Both are FMS 11, both on Mac Minis; all users have FMP 11. Solution uses a separation model, and the data source references are relative (eg. file:data.fp7).


On Thursday, users had both systems open for testing, duplicating actual orders into the Beta test system. Here's the mystery: Two of the orders created in the LIVE system picked up serial numbers from the Beta system.


Other facts. Those two orders were created by an account with [Full Access], and they were the only ones she created that day. There is a script involved in setting the serialized value (their system might append to the serial value ".01" if a quote, ".02" if a sale, etc.). Orders created before and after the anomalies have numbers in the proper sequence, created by users in other privilege sets.


Any thoughts?


Frank Callanan

Camden, Maine