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Sub-summaries and page breaks

Question asked by thomas_staehli on Nov 21, 2012
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I currently setting up a printing layout for student's grades transcripts. The transcript is basically a list of grades sorted by students and then by academic terms (each grade record is linked to a term ).


Every thing works out fine except for one thing. What I'd like to achieve is to be able to have a page break before the academic term sub-summary if not all the grades from that term are able to fit on the space remaining on the page. On the screenshot, you can see that the Fall 2012 Term is split between page 1 and 2.


I tried to play around a little bit with the sub-summary options, but nothing seems to do what I want. It seems I only have options to either break the page for every different terms (which is not what I want) or having it split between the 2 pages (which is ok, but not really nice looking)


Any ideas on how I could make this work?


Page Break.png