Simple relationship stuck on :-(

Discussion created by liltbrockie on Nov 22, 2012
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Hi there... I wonder if some kind soul could have a look at the attached file....


You will see some records representing Suppliers.

There is a yes/no to denote if that Suppier is an alternate supplier for the goods.

I am trying to make a relationship that will let me say for example that The goods from Supplier Franke are also available from supplier waterline

So I have a portal that shows a list..for each supplier, of all the possible alternate suppliers and I want to have a tick box that will let me say YES this alternate supplier can also supply the goods.

But at the moment the tick box is not working as intended because when you go and look at other makes the tick box is the same for all of them!

How can I create a relationship that will let me have independent control over that portal list?