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    How to export image filemaker to php


      Hello to All !!!!!!!


      I want to export all the data of FileMaker. When I tried it, all data exported rather than container field and show message "Container field cannot be export"...


      Basically I want to display all the data of my filemaker application on my website too, but I didn't find any option to do same.


      I will use Wordpress CMS with Mysql database for website.. Please share how filemaker data will be transfer to Mysql.

      Have anyone solution/Answer

      of this query? Please share with me...

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          You can display on web pages images from container fields using the FileMaker API for PHP. This is FileMaker Custom Web Publishing. The obvious advantage to CWP is that you do not have to export your data anywhere to display it on the web.


          If you want to export the images you have to use the 'Export Field Contents" command which is possible when the container field is selected. This can be done with a looping script which goes to each record and exports the field contents. The trick to doing this is that you have to give the imags a name that will allow matching with the records once again when in SQL.


          - Lyndsay