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Matching two lists

Question asked by ariley on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by ariley

I have two lists that I need to match against each other. I have a list of projects that can have a carriage return limited list of locations, such as






I have a filter that people can check where they can choose PDX only or NY and LA or LA and PDX. I need to constrain my previous find (from another criteria) to show the records that have any of the selected locations. I am looping through the records, but for the love of... I can't match the lists properly. PatternCount gives me partial matches. If I choose LA and NY, it won't give me the record that has NY and PDX in it, but it's also not even totally consistent.


I also tried Agnes Barouh's custom function FilterList, but that gives me an error about the attribute, which I have in quotes and caps.


Any ideas out there?


Thanks in advance,