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    How to get payment through Credit Card in filemaker


      Hello to All !!!!!!


      I have made POS(Point of Sale) using filemaker and now want to get payment from credit card.

      I don't know how credit card reader work and what will I have to do for the same. Please replay

      me briefly What I do for Credit card payment accept.


      Please let me know about gateways also?





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          We have used the Troi URL PLugin for this and it works very well - my client does 20 or 30 daily.  We used the http: POST to connect with the payment gateway - trypically takes about 3 or 4 seconds to process.


          They do not use a card reader but I have tested one for another client.  USB reader and we drop the cursor into a text field - you get back a one line response with card holder name, CC# and expiry that is easily parsed and passed the the plugin.




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