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Updating calcuated Fields from Found Sets in Related Tables

Question asked by mbenseman on Nov 23, 2012
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I am guessing this is going to be quite simple, but unfortunately I can't nut it out.


I have a financial application, where I have a table os accounts, which are related to my general ledger table. The accounts table then sums the general ledger based on the account name which is the linking field.


So for instance there is an account in the Accounts table called "Savings" and a field in the Accounts table which sums all the enteries inn the General Ledger table which relate to the Account "Savings".


This is all good and works fine, until........


....I try and contrain the General ledger table to a certain date range (for obvious reasons). The Accounts table still keeps the old value, and does not adjust it for the new found set in the General Ledger table.


Can anyone help me out of this conudrum...i.e. I need to get the field in the Accounts table to reflect when I constrin the General Ledger table to a certain date range.


Thanks in advance...