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Removing the "Tools" menu when creating custom menu sets

Question asked by j_bell on Nov 22, 2012
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Hope someone can offer some advice


I have created a custom menu set for the users of the database that is extremely minimal as all navigation and functions they require are built into the interface. The custom menu set loads perfectly through my opening script, however the "Tools" menu shows up as well. In the access privileges that I have defined the menus are set to minimal and the custom menu set does not contain the "Tools" option. I tested and when a user clicks on any of the options within the Tools menu it opens the sub window but tells them they do not have access to use it, which is fine because I don't have to worry about them getting into areas they shouldn't but it is one extra menu and buttons to click that I would like to have them avoid.


Any ideas howe to prevent the "Tools" menu from showing up? I am sure I must just be missing a check box or something that will turn it off.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in advance