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    Navigation bar for layout.


      Hello everyone,


      I m using navigation menu using repetition global fields and web viewer storage options. Is there any other way to do?. If there is kindly share with example file.




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          Hi Jeeva,


          Would you be able to give a little more info - what is it you are trying to acheive exactly?


          What type of navigation?


          Best Regards



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            Hi Ben,


            Thank you for your reply. I am using top navigation menu using global repetion field. Is there any other way to do top navigation menu. Hope you have fm starting point filemaker 11 version file. It is having top navigation menu settings. Is there any alternative for that using custom function or using other way.


            Thanks in advance.


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              In the past I have setup a naviagtion table with field like:

              name, layout, script, width, height, top, left, window name, etc.


              which does the trick, but I am now considering using webviewer. Using webviewer I can create a single html page with all the nav buttons and script urls


              The real benifit is you would only have to edit the html file once and the changes would reflect on all layouts..


              Here is an example I posted of using webviewer to display data and trigger fmp scripts.


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                Hi Jeeva


                I use the Insert: Merge Variable command (Layout Mode) and use fill/colour/resize/conditionalformatting to format the text blocks as scripted navigation buttons.

                The content of each Merge Variable is set in a startup script. eg Set Variable $$Nav01 to "Main Menu".


                The upside:

                - less global fields to create

                - Save As Excel does not export the Variables, as it does with the global fields

                - Export command does not list the Variables as available to be exported, as it does with the global fields


                The downsides:

                - I forget which version of FMP the Insert: Merge Variable first appeared but you have to draw a line in the sand and force users to use that version of FMP, or later.

                - If you have 5 naviagtion buttons and a 6th is required, you have to modify the navbar, then copy/paste it to the other 200 layouts that use the older 5 button navbar.


                I have found the Insert: Merge Variable command provides a cleaner way to create a navigation bar, compared to the global fields, or gloabl repeating field method I used in the past.



                Michael Richards

                Brisbane (Australia)

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                  Thank You. I will try.

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                    Thank you. If is there is any demo file that will be more helpful. Thanks in advance.

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                      Have you looked at Crumb in the Technical Resource Center? Using a naming convention for layouts, it parses the layout names in a file into "module" and "page" names, stores those in global variables, and uses a custom function in a conditionally formatting object to set merge variables: global navigation with zero schema footprint (in FileMaker 11). The current implementation presumes that your layout names encode the organization structure and that there's only one level of organization hierarchy. I'm in the process of overhauling it, but the current version has worked fine for me so far.

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                        Thank you. That is more helpful for me. Great work.  I tried that too. I am expecting to set the name of the navigation bar items should selected by user. like this example file http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/build-a-navigation-system-part-one-starting-out-simple/37/. but the method should be different using functions. Is there any possibility. Kindly share. Thanks in advance.

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                          Crumb as I wrote it will use the order of layouts from Manage Layouts, so some modification will be necessary to support user-orderable navigation. First, you'll need a place to store not just references to navigable layouts, but navigable layouts per user. (You can get away with not linking this to layout reference or user tables, but it might make sense if you happen to have them.) I'll call it the UserLayout table for now to make it easier to talk about, but you call it whatever you want. You'll need fields for the user account name, FileMaker's internal layout ID for each layout, and a number field to set the sort order. Second, you'll need to add a sub-script to your startup routine that checks all the layout names available in the file, creates UserLayout records for any new layouts the user has access to, and deleting any UserLayout records for layouts that the user no longer has privileges to view or have been deleted. (This script has to run without [Full Access] privileges so the result of the LayoutNames() function reflects the user's privileges.) Then you'll have to modify the Crumb startup routine to use the order defined by the UserLayout table rather than the order in Manage Layouts. Finally, you'll have to build the interface for users to re-order their UserLayout records (and refresh the order used by global navigation mid-session).

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                            Thank you. I will modify it and get the result. Thank you so much for your help.