Very New, and trying to learn..I am stuck in a relationship..

Discussion created by nwhawksfan on Nov 22, 2012
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Well I am as entry level as you can get using Filemaker, I have done some online training for the program and it has been helpful, but I am stuck.


I think I understand the parent to children relationship, and its importance but I have run into a bind. I understand that Many to Many relationships are bad, and to avoid that it important to have a third table to join then, but I am lost as what to do...


The database I am trying to put together is for Fantasy Basketball. My goal is to import the available players for the day, get their stats, and provide a report on the available players for the day.


I have one table of all the active NBA players. The field are: Player Names, Team, Web address to their Stat Page.


The second table is a list of all players that are playing today, with the fields: Player Name, Position, Salary, Fantasy Points AVG.


The first table is just a list of all the players. The second list changes daily with the schedule of games being played that day. I am trying to run a report that uses the second table, list the players available available today, and gives a link to their page found in the first table.


Eventually I want to be scraping web sites for data, doing calculations, and providing reports based on these calculations/data. The first step (I think) is to link the stat page to the actual players playing that day. I still have a lot to learn about scripting, and all the other tools I am going to need to do this.


I appreciate any help you can give me, I know this is simply but like I said, I am learning..


Stuck in Seattle,