Attempting to extract data from table (Web Scraping)

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Inthe attempt to prevent me throwing my MacBook out the window, I am posting this here.


I am pretty new to Filemaker, and maybe trying to bite off more than I can chew...story of my ilfe..


I have used the GetUrl script and pasted html data into a field called "url_g". In this HTML I am attempting to get some data out of 4 tables and put them in their respective fields.


I have tried numerous scripts to accomplish this, and am really struggling. A sample of the HTML code is below:



<tr class="ysprow1" align="right" height="16"><td class="yspscores" align="left"> 2010-11</td><td class="yspscores" align="left">ATL</td><td class="yspscores">77</td><td class="yspscores">34:17 </td><td class="yspscores">6.5</td><td class="yspscores">13.5</td><td class="yspscores">47.7</td><td> </td><td class="yspscores">0.7</td><td class="yspscores">2.0</td><td class="yspscores">33.1</td><td> </td><td class="yspscores">3.0</td><td class="yspscores">4.1</td><td class="yspscores">72.5</td><td> </td><td class="yspscores">1.7</td><td class="yspscores">6.8</td><td class="yspscores">8.5</td><td> </td><td class="yspscores">3.3</td><td class="yspscores">2.6</td><td class="yspscores">1.3</td><td class="yspscores">1.6</td><td class="yspscores">2.8</td><td class="yspscores">16.5</td><td> </td></tr>


Every number in this code needs to be placed in a particular field. To start I was simply trying to parse this text to a separate field so I could attempt to parse each number.


Now, I am here begging for help. Is this even possible? I watched a video of a somebody doing it, but he made assumptions I did not understand. I have googled "parse data" and most of the examples are very simple.


What I have tried is to Set a variable at word "ysprow1" and "ysprow2" (the beginning of the next table). I then attempted set a variable using the Middle function. I ran the script and it crashed FM.


Here is a copy of the script I was using last



#Parse the Tables out of the Code

#First Table

Go to Record/Request/Page[ First ]

Set Variable [ $t1beg; Value:Position ( NBA Players::url_g; "ysprowl1" ; 1 ; 1 ) ]

Set Variable [ $t1end; Value:Position ( NBA Players::url_g; "ysprowl2" ; 1 ; 1 ) ]

Set Variable [ $table1; Value:Middle ( NBA Players::url_g; $t1beg ; $1tend-$t1beg ) ]

Set Field [ NBA Players::url_l_table_1; $table1 ]

Go to Record/Request/Page

[ Next; Exit after last ]

End Loop


I know this is the part where experienced FM designers are laughing..I deserve it :) Any help would greatly be appreciated.