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2 portals: drag image from portal A to portal B. How to get active portal row in B

Question asked by itraining on Nov 23, 2012

G'day everyone


Can anyone suggest a way to drag an image from Portal A into Portal B and get the portal row number of Portal B?


In this database, there is a layout with 2 portals:

- portal A is a Repository of images that need to be assigned to a Location

- portal B is the list of Locations

- an image from Portal A is dragged into the Container field for each Location in Portal B

- the container field in Portal B has a ScriptTrigger set to trigger OnObjectModify

- as an image is dragged from Portal A to Portal B, the triggered script "removes" (excluded via the relationship) the Repository image from Portal A, leaving only "unassigned" photos in Portal A


When Portal B is "scrolled" downwards to allow an image drag into its Container field, I am having trouble capturing the portal row number of Portal B to return the user to that portal row. The drag-and-drop is initiated from Portal A (Repository) and the OnObjectModify script trigger is on the Container field in Portal B (Locations) but the script returns the active portal row as the portal row in Portal A.



Thanks in advance.



Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)