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    Sending an e-mail on a particular date

      I am developing a database of licenses and agreements. These items all need to be renewed or updated on particular dates. I would like to create a script that will compare a date field with the current date and send an e-mail containing the contents of a record number field saying "This document <doc #> must be renewed." The e-mail will always be sent to a single e-mail address.

      Is there an easy way of scripting this without resorting to plugins or third party apps?




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          Hi Stan,


          In recent versions of FileMaker (10,11,12) you can set up FileMaker to send e-mail directly using SMTP.  For this you need an account that will accept the SMTP message.  If this is an internal e-mail server you can work with your System admin to make sure that SMTP is enabled for the account you want to use.  You can also use Google's gmail by setting up an account for this purpose and storing the user account and password in the database.  All of this can be scripted.  Check out the script step, Send Mail.  You can hard code values, use fields or variables for the values required to send the e-mail including the body.  This will let you include the doc #.