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    PackageMaker and virtualisation of Mac 10.6 on a 10.8 Mac


      Hello all,


      I have previously been using packagemaker on Mac OS 10.6 to deliver solutions.


      It is simple, effective and despite a lot of people saying it's buggy, it's been working fine for me.


      Now that 10.8 pretty much forces it's technologies onto us... (grrr) it means that packagemaker no longer works.


      I have a hard drive that I have to boot my mac up with in order to create packages with packagemaker. Not ideal, plus, I would guess that the next macs to come out won't let 10.6 to boot.


      I would like to move the whole hard drive onto a virtual environment that allows me to boot 10.6 under 10.8


      Has anyone done this?


      Suggestions, recommendations? instructions?


      Tried it with parallels, I can't do it without server instal software. I have a 10.6 server, but the CD installs on top of the 10.6. You can't do this in parallels. Besides, I want to move my whole hard drive across.


      I have been looking at virttual box, I can't seem to work out how to get the whole HD across...?