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FileMaker Server 12 with Custom Web Publishing on Win 7 not working

Question asked by mijecka on Nov 26, 2012
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I've installed FileMaker Server 12 on Windows 7 on Parallels on my Mac machine. After resolving a bunch of issues like uncompatible JRE, WPE failing to start etc. I now have a problem with WPE not communicating with the Web Server (IIS 7) (or vice versa).


In Admin Console everything seems to be alright (Web Server running, Web Publishing Engine running, Database Server running), but nothing is being logged (wpe logs are empty) while trying IWP or CWP with php and using Testing IWP from FMS 12 Technology Test leads to error 404.


Since I'm not much to Windows maybe I'm missing something here. On my Mac CWP works fine with FMS 12.


Thaks in advance for any suggestions.