Set Variable OnRecordLoad Behavior

Discussion created by jarling on Nov 26, 2012
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I have a layout with all merged fields as a "View Only" layout for some Contact information. I have a merged variable to show "Type of Contact" from a related table. My merged variable displays a global variable that is List ( Contact Relationship::Type of Contact ).


eg. Mary Smith

  • Donor
  • Volunteer
  • Mailing List


I have set a layout script trigger "OnRecordLoad" to run my Set Variable script. Everything seems fine, but as I move forward and back through contacts, sometimes the merged variable shows up properly, but mostly not. I cannot find any rhyme or reason to the errors that are occuring. I'll move forward through contacts and think, "Wow, it's working properly." Then I'll move back and forth a few times to reasure myself and wham, out of sync. Values for the last record show on this record, values from this record show on the next. It's always off by only 1 record, but the behavior is erratic and unpredictable.


What am I missing?


Filemaker Pro 12

OSX 10.8.2

Database Remotely Hosted