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Adding DAYS to a Date

Question asked by ajayz on Nov 25, 2012
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I have a date field called "ISSUED" (the date they completed training), I want to add either 1 month or 30 days (both options will work) to this date to create a calculated field with the new date called "SOTExpiry".


The Training certificate is only valid for 30days from the date of issued - by this time they should have recieved their qualification card.


I understand that date fields are represented in seconds and thefore I need to add 30 days X 86400 (60 seconds/minutes * 60 minutes/hours * 24 hours/day)


I've created a calculated field with the forumal = ISSUED +30* 86400


I've changed the "calculation result is" Date


however in my report this field only shows " ?"


Can someone point me in the right direction or is there another option I should be looking at?