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Security—create/delete accounts in file enabled with kiosk

Question asked by maximums on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by maximums

Hi all


I have a v12 file, native to v12 although some scripting has been copied and/or imported from a converted v11 file.


There is a scripted set up to enable the client to manage their own users by allocating a name, selecting a predefined value list of privilege sets that match the file's privilege sets and utilising Add Account and Delete Account script steps. Access to this functionality is available to two privilege sets: Full Access and "Admin". Admin has the same settings as Full Access with the exception of Scripting which is defined as All Executable Only.

I have used this functionality in other files without any problems.


The problem I am experiencing with this file, is that despite settings seeming to be identical to another file with the same structure, Accounts cannot be created or added by the scripting unless I open the file with a full access account.


The only thing I can think that may have an impact, and if it does should it, is that this file has been saved with kiosk enabled. There are two more privilege sets that are used ot access the file on iPad in kiosk mode.


Has anybody got any ideas or experience with this problem at all?


In quiet desperation