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Discussion created by abyrd62 on Nov 27, 2012
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I confess I am a newbee to FileMaker. Use to MSAccess and by no means an expert. My isse: I have a table that for argument sake has 100 records. Of those 100 records say 20 I have a field that marks them as 'active'. I perform a find to show only active records on a layout. On the layout I can do a "find" based on 'Name' to allow me to jump quickly to a specific 'Name'. Works great, except when I click on the pop-up to see a list of possible names, I want to limit that to only the active names. I read how to do this and it was suggested to create another table of only active 'Names' and set a relationship to limit my "find" based on the active table. I understand that....but my list of active records will change and when I make a change to the active status, I need to update my active table. I can create a find for active records, but how do I create a new table based on the find for active records? I realize that is simple question, but would appreciate the assistance.