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Auto-enter calculation

Question asked by paulatkins on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by paulatkins

I am trying to auto-enter into a field that exsists in a related "Images" table where the CustomerID is the link in the relationship between the "Customer" table and "Images" table.

The related table "Images" can have several records where the CustomerID is the same, because one customer can 'own' several images.

The layout I use to enter this data uses a portal to the "Images" table, new records are entered in the "Images" table via this portal.

I want to have a field in the Images table (P7) where the contents are auto-entered, but only once for each CustomerID.

I have an auto enter calculation that does not work:


P7= If ( CustomerID ≠ CustomerID ; "Address Label Print" )


I want the words "Address Label Print" to be entered in field P7 on only the first instance of a CustomerID.


Can anyone please offer some advice. Thank you in anticipation.