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    HELP...page numbering problem?


      OK...was attempting to get my page numbering problems resolved using FM12. First it was figuring out how to do Page 1 of 6. Well, got the page 6 to calculate properly (last page of print run). It is the first page number that is showing only Page 1 for all pages. Tried to correct so I am not certain whether there is an issue with the product or it is something I am doing wrong. I inserted page number symbol under "Insert" in layout setting. Unfortunately it just shows Page 1 on every page. What am I doing wrong? And why is the Page ? of ? Pages such a bizarre undertaking in FM12? Thanks for your help. John

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          Bizzare undertaking.... Haha. Loved that one and agree.


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            I do this using a couple of script steps and puting the information in the Page Foorter section.  In the script,  before the user sees the report,  I put these three steps in.


            Go to Record/Request/Page [Last]

            Set Variable  [$$LastPageNo; Value;Get (PageNumber)

            Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


            Then in the footer I have a text box with:

            Page {{PageNumber}} of <<$$LastPageNo>>


            The PageNumber is the symbol/setup from the Insert menu and $$LastPageNo is a Merge variable.

            I did have an issue in 12.0v1 where in large reports the first script step took way to long to execute.  FileMaker fixed this in 12.0v2.