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Report data being hidden by header and footer - any ideas on solving problem?

Question asked by user17750 on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2012 by LyndsayHowarth

I am doing a report in Filemaker 12 and the data (see picture) is being hidden by either the footer or the header of the report. I am using portals to show date e.g. the bullet points below and they also get lost in the footer and the header.


A lot of my information is variable e.g. a portal to related tables and may have 6 items, 3 items, 12 items. I have done some resarch and it seems that you can force page breaks etc. there are no sub summaries on my report as it is like a business plan and is simply reporting on what the client has entered into an electronic questionnaire and then needs to be printed into a pre formatted business plan style of report.


Any ideas on solving this problem?


Thanks and I've not been on Filemaker Pro 12 for long but have watched about 100 hours of videos and have done a couple of projecs.


Help is welcme ... thanks !!!!



Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 7.08.15 PM.png