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    Database structure in different Modules


      Our programmer has developed the Filemaker with a database to cover three modules. We would like to restructure the database into several tables. Hence, we can separate the tables to different programmers to work on different modules. The programmer has studied a month and come back that it was no solution to restructure the database. Please anyone has suggestions to solve the problem. In addition, whether the Filemaker can only have one database for all modules. I doubted because in the market, some ERP system is written by Filemaker. If only one database for all modules, it seems very clumsy.

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          In FileMaker DBs a FILE can be:

          • one database, one table

          • one database, many tables


          A SOLUTION (with modules or not) can have:

          • one FILE

          • many FILES

          (each containing a database with one or more Tables).


          In the FileMaker Relationship graphs (RG), tables and table aliases are represented by a named Table Occurrence (also called TO by many).


          The joining (relationships) of these TOs is what makes a SOLUTION. FileMaker uses the TOs for layout context and portal context. Each FilerMaker RG allows "external" references if the solution has many FILES, so that they make interact (relate in some way).


          Many use a Separation Method/Model (aka TSM) to have one or more interface files containing few or no database tables, but containing the TOs to external databases (one or more files) and containing the bulk of the layouts and scripts. The external file(s) may contain mostly raw table(s) and the storage of DATA.


          Since FileMaker can be combined in various ways, it may be worked on by a team. HOWEVER, if you need to have *any* interaction between the various parts you must have the files available to each other (contacts, invoices & invoice items, products & service items - parts? - for invoicing, etc.). These are likely all different tables and may be considered "modules" (CONTACTS, INVOICES, PRODUCTS).


          You cannot give each of these to separate people to work upon their workstations if they need to interact. You can place all database FILES on a centrally located FileMaker Server and allow multiple access for developing. There would still need to be much communication among the developers so that field creation/deletion does not affect another, for example.


          So, can you expound on what you are trying do a little more?


          Are you hosting all the files with FileMaker Server, so there may be development by many?



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