Filemaker Saves - but sometimes not in iOS

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Nov 30, 2012
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Hi all



FMS 11 with FMGo on iPads. We encountered a rather odd situation where data input into a data field on the iPads was not saving. The user could input data in a number of records ( tested 10 ) and the data was not visible in the database when viewed with a Filemaker client. We could see 10 rows with data in thre number field on the iPad but no data at all showing in the actual database. If we quit Go and returned to the file the data was simply not there.


The fix was to add a commit record via script trigger on field exit. Data would show up right away.


Is this expected behaviour?


The attached image shows FMP 11 and the iPad looking at exactly the same data. Not quite what we had expected. We quit Go and returned and the input data was gone.