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    Layout Tool Bar


      Hi all,

      Is there a way of removing the layout bar just under the Status Bar as I dont want to make layouts available to users this way?


      I realise you can script to hide both the status bar and the layout bar together..but this dosnt suit as i would like only the status bar to be available....your thoughts


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          I encounter this quite a bit in solutions where I do actually want to allow the user to use the Layouts pop-up menu to navigate between layouts. The problem, to which I'm sure you're referring, is that at certain times you DON'T want to allow the user to switch to a different layout, but you DO want the status bar and its controls.


          One good solution is to use the OnLayoutExit layout script trigger (FMP 11 or 12)


          For instance, in a recent solution I built, I have a "Leave Layout Control" script that is called by the OnLayoutExit trigger in some layouts.



          If( $$allow_leave_layout = 1 or $$disable_triggers = 1

               Exit Script [result = 1]


               Exit Script [result = 0]

          End If


          by setting the boolean value of either of these global variables, I set the exit script result that permists or prohibits the exit layout action from completing.

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            this will not hide the layout bar but as you just don't want the users to be able to jump to layouts through the drop down list try this; File>Manage>Layouts and for each layout you wish to omit from the list deselect 'Include in the menu layout', hope this helps.

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              Thanks Erik..will consider this

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                Thanks..yes thats what I have done for now..cheers