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Reduce or Enlarge Image to Fit "Cropped"

Question asked by chuckburr on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2012 by RubenVanDenBoogaard

The default container Data Formatting to "Reduce Image to Fit" is to fit the entire image into the container proportionally. We need a soltuion to fit cropped to eliminate white space on either side of the image if it does not fit the box proportioanlly. This would crop off to image in the surplus dimention and maintain a high resolution for printing if desired. See the white space on either side of the image below. You can use the GetThumbnail calculatiuon to size the image to "Reduce Image To Fit" but it effectiely would be at 72 dpi too low a resolution for printing. If you go higher size wize with GetThumbnail, you start to crop into the center of the image and lose the image overall.


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