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Discussion created by JulianJohnson on Nov 30, 2012
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Hi There,


I have a headache with a script that should be importing a found set of records held within one database on my Filemaker server into another.


The server is Filemaker Server Advanced v12 running on OS10.7. The two databases in question are both in the same directory on the server (the default Library>Filemaker Server>Data>Databases directory).


There are two databases (A & B) here. The database that is doing the import (A) has the table containing the data to import in the database that currently holds the data (B) as a Table Occurence within its own relationship graph.


The script does a go to related records onto that table occurrence to find the set of records that need to be imported then does an Import Records script step. I have specified the file to import from as being file:[database A filename] and then have the import set up to bring in records from the table occurence holding my found set.


It works perfectly if I run it from Filemaker Pro but when the schedule runs it I get an error 100 (File is Missing). I've tried using the path fmnet:/[serveraddress]/[database A filename] as well but get the same problem. The Filemaker account that the schedule is using has access to both files and the script works if I log in to database A using that account as well.


Does anyone have any ideas? It's the last step of a complicated project that otherwise works perfectly so is very frustrating!


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards