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Importing Records via Scheduled Script

Question asked by JulianJohnson on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by DanielShanahan

Hi There,


I posted about this within the server section earlier so apologies if you have seen a similar issue twice today. I haven't had any feedback and have made some progress so I thought I'd post again.


I have a server with several databases on, all stored within the Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Databases folder (they are in a sub-folder within here but don't neccessarily need to be if it helps).


I have a scheduled script, which should import a found set of records into a table within my database (database A) from another database in the same folder (database B). Since I need only a subset set of records from the table, I have a a table occurrence based on database B in my relationships graph.


The process is that the script goes to this table occurrence, performs a find to end up in a found set of the records I need to import, then it goes to the table I want to import the records to then does the import. This works perfectly if run from Filemaker Pro but when run as a scheduled script it fails with the error 100 (file is missing).



Since posting this in the server forum I have messed around with a test file to eliminate anything odd in my database and got the same results. I then did some digging and it appears that I can only do a scheduled import from one of two locations on the server: the server's documents folder or the temporary folder. Is this right and, if so, does anyone have a solution that allows you to import records from a database held in the same directory on the same server (it could be my path that's wrong etc!)? If not, is there anything else I can do to get around this?


The path I am attempting to use is:


filemac:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/[subfolder]/[database]


however, the path:


filemac:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/[database]


does work.


It does see a bit odd as I would imagine that importing from the same or another database on the same server would be the most common reason to use the Import Records script step in a scheduled script. The only fix I can think of at the moment is to schedule an hourly backup of the databases into the documents folder but it seems a bit unneccesary.


I hope this makes sense, I'm desperate to get it working as it's the very last stage of a project that is done and just needs this working to go live!


Thanks in advance.