iPad mini stops server?

Discussion created by on Nov 30, 2012
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I had an interesting problem happen today with one of my clients using and iPad Mini running FM Go v11 connecting to FMServer v11 (Mac) . The user got to the login screen and then just clicked the 'home' button without logging in or quitting FM Go. Immediately after that, everyone on the network lost connection to FileMaker files being served. I tried to log in to the server remotely using Timbuktu, but I could not 'see' it. Nor could I 'see' any files to connect to with FM Pro via remote access. I talked to the IT person who was able to log into the server machine remotely with Timbuktu and get to the FM Server console. He said it looked like everything was up & running as usual. I suggested he close all files and restart the server machine.


After the restart, everyone was able to relogin, and I was able to check out the event log. It showed that at the point of the iPad Mini logging in, suddenly all users had quit responding and so were disconnected. Did I possibly discover a bug that happens with FM Go when an incomplete login happens? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance for posting any comments to me directly via email AND to this list.


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Linda Carter