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    Export container  field


      Hello all !!!!!!!!


      Have anyone idea about how to export container field . when I tried it normal way it showa message- "container field cannot be exported"..

      Pls reply..



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          What is the "normal" method?  Are you control-clicking to choose export?  Is this a script step?  Are you dragging and dropping?  For that matter, is this FileMaker version 12?  Situations I have run into is where I had a script step referencing a container field in an unrelated table will get this error.  I think you get this error if you have externally stored container field data (FM12) and have moved the folder FileMaker expected the container to be in.  Anyway, give us a little more info and we'll help out as best we can. 

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            Thanks for your response !!!!!


            Now I am share with you actually what I want....


            I am working on bakery management application that have  POS, Cake Catelog and other  modules in FileMaker .

            We are working on website of this Bakery too. Our vision is that when  we update data(new cakes or availability) from FM application than the data

            automatically update in website. we want to insert cake detail (image , id , price etc..) in website from filemaker......


            Currently we have an idea that we Export first FM data and than Import on Web server. But Images are not Exporting...


            If on button click all data can export then It will be good for us..


            Please Help us for getting same easily...







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              The biggest challenge on web sites is that the http connections are brief network connections that terminate quickly.  That is very ideal from the server's point of view and bandwidth, but it also means that there is no live connection to update things on the web.  So there have to be tricks done to make web pages change or you are to use other services like RSS feeds.  But this is only necessary if you are looking for near instant updates of what is in your database (e.g., someone is watching your page continuously for when a cake is ready).  If this not critical and people understand the page has to be revisited or refreshed to get the current status, then this all works great with Instant Web Publishing (or CWP too). 


              The easiest thing to do is Instant Web Publishing since FileMaker creates the whole web page for you including the images.  Often I find in working with FileMaker that there is a separate web development team that knows nothing about FileMaker.  They will often want something like an ASP or PHP solution.  They rarely know how to talk to FileMaker even though FileMaker is very ODBC (and XML) friendly for SQL calls.  Web development people tend to be very comfortable with the MySQL database since it is by far the most common used database for web pages.  What I do is connect FileMaker to MySQL via ESS and I have FileMaker push the appropriate information out to MySQL, which is readily accessed by the web development people.  The only draw back is that container fields are not supported to save into MySQL blob fields.  So you have to figure out how to get the image to the web page.  I usually have FileMaker save the image to a particular folder o the web server with a serialized name.  I put the name of the path to that image in a field in the MySQL database and the web people can find that easily.  Use a FileMaker script step to export the field to where you want and give it the name you want.  Don't do it manually.  The script step will work just fine.  If you'll post your script for this export, we can help you with it. 


              But all of this gets back to the question of why not just using Instant Web Publishing to avoid all of these challenges. 

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                Instant Web Publishing have many limitations and we are not interested in IWP...


                I want to do this challenging task.. Please let me know how can I export image.

                I did not set any external storage for container field (image)..

                I want to export data in csv form(with including container field).. Currently table data

                exported but not image field... My focus on exporting image only...


                Thanks for your valuable response.........





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                  Instant Web Publishing has some limitations, but it is also a lot easier to deal use.  I make sure people have evaluated that they really need the more complicated CWP before going that route. 


                  Regarding exporting, you cannot export a container field into a CSV format.  CSV is an ASCII text format and it will not support binary data from a container field.  You can export the container field as the full binary file via a script step into a particular location (path) and you can have a text field that exports in your CSV export that has that path in it so that the web people know how to reference it on the web page because the web page can read the binary picture (JPG) right into the web page. 


                  Exporting to a CSV is *not* the preferred method of delivering dynamic data for a web service.  It can be done, but I think you will be fighting an uphill battle for that.  Who is doing your web page development?  Ask them if they want to see this as a CSV file or if they want to read it right out of a MySQL table.  I'm pretty sure they will want to read it directly from a MySQL table.  And then you have to make sure your image that is exported goes to a folder that the web service can "see" so that the web page can call up that image. 


                  You need to do more talking with your web development team about how this will work, where the image files will reside, how they will be named, and how the data will be stored.  What language is your web development team using?  PHP is probably the most common one, but let us know and we can help.  FileMaker works very well with PHP, but PHP is much more complicated than FileMaker. 

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                    We are planned to make csv file of binary coded images and then insert into MySQL database...