Can't see all records when using New Window in a script

Discussion created by laguna92651 on Dec 1, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2012 by Steve Wright

I have a layout (LayA) that that is a form with a portal on it, like an invoice. When I call LayA from another layout (LayB) with a button with the "Go To Layout", I can see all of the records from the parent table of LayA. If I call LayA with a script from LayB, and putting LayA in a New Window, I can not longer scroll through the parent records, I can only see one parent record and its portal records. LayA is not related to the calling layout at all.


Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock/Hide] in the script seems to be the problem, when I turn off Lock that seems to fix the problem. What does the Lock option do?